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1.. info

My Name is _______ Why Should I tell you my name? I am not very good at chess, but I hope someday to be a Grand-Master even though I have a long way to go.

2. Main opponents

@bananadad123, @ZML_2012 @dddf8, @FinleyK123, and @CrazyTiger7144.

3. clubs:

The Knights Bishops and Rooks chess team               

The Insanity of Chess     

Shark club

King of 64                                               

The Club of Brilliant Moves and Tactics                     

Chess Utopia LLC

some random club       

Heart of a Dog

Lightning's Bolts                                          

Celestial Chess Club                                                 

Hikaru Nakamura Fan Club

Paradise Chess Club

Spider-Man Club                                                         

Fellows Club       

Untitled Tuesday                                                            

Rapid and Blitz Chess Club       

Peace and Fun Club                              

PARTY IN THE HOUSE TODAY                                                     

the Chess Dino club

So, you can join some of those if you want to

4. blog

I also have a blog so please Follow me.

5. Club banners

6. pizza

I REALLY love Pizza

7. invites

Please send me a club invite or a daily chess challenge. Ill accept them.

8. My friends.

@BlackHoleMonster. Someone on my basketball team

@bananadad123. My dad.

@Soccer73. Someone REALLY good at chess

@dddf8. A cello player

@ZML_2012. Someone who will accept your friend request

@ArslanW. One of my friend's brother's

@geovannimelchor. A friend

@Benthebest1234. A friend

@MagicPencil2014. A rival

@SwindyWindy33. My chess coach

@ramennoodle521pinky. Dont ask

@JoyAnnWinters. My Sister

@bryanloonsfoot. My baseball coach

@FinleyK123. A friend

@SnakeDinosaurT-Rex. @ZML_2012's brother

@akwinters. My mom

@Dog-Romeo. A dog

@CalvinJGood. A friend (Maybe).

@leonardthuo. A friend

@Wolf9988. A friend

@SamaAli12. NEXT

@umitnyc. Dont really know

@Cedvy. An easy opponent

@NAinur. A friend

@Colin899. The reason I have Chess.com

9. Titled players.

I have played 6 titled players. 1 of them was a draw against an IM, 3 of them were losses against NM's, and 2 of them were losses against FM's

11. you realize that I skipped 10

10. you see im at 10 now

12. you are snickering cuz this is a little funny

16. You re reading someone elses info now.

14. Current Stats: (Not very Good)

Live 960: 184                          Bughouse: 443                       USCF: 443         Blitz: 496                 Rapid: 528                              Crazyhouse: 598                    3 Check: 689    Bullet: 731               Daily 960: 766                         Daily: 817                               King of the Hill: 990

OTB Ratings:

USCF:           433

15. Adoptions:




Prince Kasper (Chess and Mate)