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Adam Herwis

Georgia, United States
Jul 11, 2013
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1 day ago
Supporting member since Oct 1, 2015
My last achievement; Drawing Computer4-Impossible in 1 minute bullet!!!
YOOOO! Hyperbullet is active! We can play games as low as 10 seconds. Here is a video of 10 second bullet on chess.com!! (Games are UNRATED):


I am really satisfied with chess.com. I literally boosted from a 700 rating to a 1700+ max ratings in ALL of my live ratings in just 4 years. Thanks Chess.com and Premium Membership was definitely worth it. Tactics Trainer helped me a lot. I am a chess tactical geek and I study chess; I prefer analyzing and improving over playing games with endless blunders; that's why my win loss ratio is positive in all of my standard live ratings. My style of play is tactical, which explains why my bullet max is 1900+ while my standard max rating is in the 1700s, a 200 rating gap. That means I am about 2 times better at bullet than slower games. I prefer spending my time trying to solve a won position rather than wasting my time studying opening theory and marginal positional play. Chess engines can beat Magnus without any opening book or knowledge, which explains that chess is more of a tactical game. I like to apply tactical formulas rather than memorizing blindly and lack a general formula to solve a chess position. If it weren't for chess computers or chess engines and their analysis features, I probably would quit chess. It would be ridiculous to follow the top "human" players who could miss mate in 3's and analyse a board and not even know what your mistake was during analysis. 


I am a strategist, I am very good at Halo Wars and Bloons Tower Defense 5, I beat Halo Wars campaign on Legendary within 4 days (On PC). I am not sure if strategists should be good at openings and position in chess or tactics but I am trying to improve my position and opening theory (very necessary at my rating). 


Try solving these mate in 2 puzzles and the last puzzle is a mate in 11:

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