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Have you played a daily tournament?

These are tournaments in which each player must make at least one movement per day, if the rhythm is 1 day. There are tournaments with a rhythm of 2, 3 ... up to 14 days!
They are very interesting tournaments because they allow participants to play with multiple opponents at the same time.

In daily tournaments considered fast, each player must have a historical average of one move every 6 hours at most.

In the very fast, the average is at most 3 hours per movement.

It's like playing a series of simultaneous matches with the most varied opponents. This greatly improves your chess and is also a lot of fun!

That's why we've created the Really Very Vast Daily Tournaments Chess Club.

Thus, players who enjoy tournaments where there is no unnecessary delay can have fun playing many games simultaneously.

To get notifications for very fast new tournaments, join the "Really Very Fast Daily Tournaments" chess club