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Kyle Smith
Florida Keys, United States
Jun 25, 2010
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12 hrs ago
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First learned chess as a boy from my father on a hand painted wooden chess board, that folded into a container for the small pieces, which we maticulously counted at the conclusion of every game.  I was clearly not destined for chess greatness, although I looked forward to chess night, when my father would devote an evening to playing with me. My mind is definitely slower at decision making in my middle years, so I enjoy 30/0 Live Chess games, which give me a little extra time to ponder my moves.

I'm teaching my six year old son the game, with the aid of John Marble, an online coach, from IChessU.  My son benefits from the exceptionally intuitive touch interfaces for chess which have become a reality only in the last few years.  It makes me wonder if the playing of chess, as we know it today, will survive to be passed on to my grandchildren. Already, variants, that despense with the need to study openings, like Chess960, are becoming mainstream. When chess finally yeilds to technology, becoming a deterministic game, as checkers has become, I hope people will still find their gift to reason about games as large as chess worth exercising, and the tradition of chess be passed on in whatever form allows for the wonderful experience of having played a worthy opponent, to claim personal victory on a checkered 8x8 board. 

73, de ag2f sk Cool

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