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NOTICE: I am going on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time. Right now there are a lot of important things going on that deserve my attention and for that reason chess needs to take a backseat. I will still visit everyday to check how things are going (and to gloat over my stats wink.png).

Speaking of my stats, some of them are doing very well right now, which is excellent for a hiatus. For blitz, my most important rating, I am just over 2100 (at 2101 grin.png). In bullet, I recently broke 2000 which I am very happy about. In crazyhouse, another rating I care about to a considerable degree, I am just over 1700. Finally, tactics has been perched above 2400 for some time.

Signing off for now,


EDIT: Because I will still be coming on (and because I actually posted something on the Forums), a better and more truthful way of saying this is: "Signing off for now from the board


I've gotten a lot of insults and poor sportsmanship on this site, but that has not stopped me.

On 11/13/19, I broke 2100 in blitz! blitz.png***2104***blitz.png

(Currently, my highscore is 2163.)

Advice for blitz.pngblitzblitz.png:

(1) Do not hesitate to (a) disable chat and (b) block unsportsmanlike cyberbullies. 

(2) Whether it be regular Puzzles, Puzzle Rush, or Puzzle Battle, tactics will improve your skill. You will grow more aware of tactical patterns & ideas and be able to see them quickly in games.

Inspiring Quotes:

(1) "The of and to. A in is I. That it, for you, was with on. As have ... but be they." -- Vsauce

(2) "This world, where there is much to do, and little known..." -- Dr. Johnson

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