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First, an introduction to me: I am a Gold member, by now, my lessons level is Rook level 23(of 30), I will keep going and my goal is to reach FM(FIDE master) and then IM(International master) and then GM(Grandmaster(That would be AMAZING if I will reach GMwink.png))

I like chess and so as variants of course, I like to spend hours playing chess every day. I'm still a beginner but like to play with other people, even if they are higher rated than me! I like 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 3 minutes, 1 minute, 30 second, 10 second games. I accept all friend requests. The variants I like best are: "4 Player Chess(4PC)", "Crazyhouse", "Fog Of War(FOW)", "Atomic" and "King Of The Hill(KOTH)". I play puzzles every day. I play 10 bullet games a day and always complete my daily games. But I like playing bughouse a few times a week.

And hey everyone, if you like, please join my club "Variant" and have fun with us! 

Here is the join link:

Here is the homepage link:

This club talks about variants and some regular chess winning strategies. 

Here is a game I'd like to share with you, I was White in a bullet game and I won by CHECKMATE!!! 

Game link:

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