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Jason Ciano
New York City, United States
May 29, 2011
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Aug 10, 2017

Getting to today,

from a very young age, Jason Ciano has been working on his mastering his skills in the game of chess. Jason saw his hard work pay off in 1988 when he became the high school chess champion for the state of Washington. In 1991, Jason captured a “triple crown” of titles when he secured the club champion titles in Action, Blitz and overall Champion for the Tacoma Chess Club. A feat never done before or since! This is also around the time that Jason began to share the skills he had honed with those still learning.

While in school at the University of Washington, in Seattle, Jason helped to coach the Lakes High School team from Tacoma, Washington, to a 2nd place finish at the Chess Nationals, their best showing to this date. In 1995, Jason moved to New York City to pursue another passion, Bridge. In 2 years Jason became an international master and had won many bridge titles. He started getting clients and teaching all over the world. After 10 years of being out of chess and missing the challenge of both teaching and playing, he has returned to teaching chess full time. Today, Jason stays active on the chess scene by regular participation in tournaments at the Marshall Chess Club, playing Grandmasters and other chess players from around the world.

Jason has learned to adapt his communication skills to juniors and seniors with equal aplomb, focusing his efforts on finding each individuals best mode of learning from a blending of visual, audio, and kinesthetic teaching styles. Besides being a chess teacher, Jason is also a private trainer for both chess and bridge. He takes his students to tournaments, and shows them how to win first hand. He specializes in maximizing results based on repeated positions, and study techniques the Russians used for years. He was trained by one of the world’s best chess teachers and trainers Georgi Orlov while living in Seattle. Jason who is a Master in the WBCA, has a current Fide rating of 2195,  is recently married and resides in Manhattan with his beautiful wife Jen and their Havanese puppy, Buffy.

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