Jun 28, 2017
Last Online
1 hr ago
Anybody like Fool's Mate around here?
I would say my best was not against @SeniorPatzer but rather recently against the cheater @xp986 despite not actually completing the game since his account got closed during our game.
For the curious folk, here's my "best win" against @SeniorPatzer which was really him not noticing the fork at the beginning of the game.

If you guys like queen sacs (ok well he didn't take back because he saw the trap) and comeback wins, this game is a MUST to look at:

Another nice win against a 2200 rated player (who got his/her account closed possibly because of cheating), but it was one simple mistake that changed the game.

And now one of my great achievements is drawing with an FM (and then I tilted oof). He gave me a hard time, but then he hung some pawns and um... the game will speak for itself.