My old account was @ajl721 (it was sadly closed for fair play violations but I learned my lesson), so please follow me my old friends. I am also a math tutor for grades K-12. You can also follow me on Lichess at @AJISAGOODPLAYER where I play a few 3+0 games each day, so if you see me online, come and watch me play some games! I love the company! I also usually play bi-weekly tournaments with my town library club. Also, my dad is @baggio1968, so it would be great if you could challenge him to a daily game. He likes challenges (despite being a beginner)! Maybe you can teach him a thing or two IDK. If you wanna see my most liked comment on Youtube, copy this link into your browser (without the brackets): {https://www.youtube.com/post/UgzaIWvpUPSeYJCffPd4AaABCQ}