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I am mostly playing Chess.com to grind in leagues. Hopefully I make it into Champions/Legends league, and get awarded some prizes!! 


BTW, I tilt in bullet almost every week, but I somehow magically get my rating back up the way it was after a while. You can even see my bullet stats going up and down every day.


I am now UNTILTED in USCF! I won 3 games and drew 2 games out of 5 rounds at the Lone Star Open Chess Championship, giving me 3rd place. This led my rating to go up a 110 points from 1633 to 1748, and achieving my peak. I even won 225 dollars, with tiebreak (which is pretty annoying, or else I would've won 350 dollars). 


Feel free to challenge me to:

Bullet; only if you are above 2200, with some exceptions to players who are below

Blitz; only if you are above 2000, with some prompt exceptions to players who are below.

Rapid; Def only to people who are above 2050, since I am TILTED in rapid by losing to EZ players in the arena, by poor play/mouseslipps. (I am actually tilted in Rapid very deadly, I went from 2200-2000, which is why I am playing only higher rated's to gain some rating.)


I also like to play Bughouse and Crazyhouse, so feel free for that too! (No rating limitations) 

But for Bughouse, you need to be at least cooperative. 


Also, please follow me on Twitch, which I stopped streaming on, but will continue soon- https://www.twitch.tv/Chesswarriorsthepro

Finally, please consider to subscribe to my Youtube channel, which is petty dormant for now, but will here and there add some videos- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZXnFplPp1TAZ-X3zSxTMCA