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Alex Karaivanov
Shanghai (China), Bulgaria
Jan 28, 2008
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8 hrs ago
Supporting member since May 11, 2012

Founder and CEO of


Manager of 

 GM Krasimir Rusev (Chess.com Coach Profile)
 GM Marian Petrov (Chess.com Coach Profile)
 IM Satea Husari (Chess.com Coach Profile)
 IM Valeri Lilov (a.k.a. Tiger Lilov, 2008 to 2013)

8 Years of Coaching Experience around the World:

Shanghai, China

Owner and Head Coach at Shanghai Expat Chess Academy (April 2015-present)

          ■  Head Coach and Chess Program Coordinator at Shanghai Chess Academy (2012-2015)

          ■  President of Shanghai Chess Club Pudong Branch (2012-2013)

          ■  Taught chess to students at 5 international schools (

          ■  Won the First Hellin International Open U2000 Section (Hellin, Spain, August 2014)

          ■  Won a tournament game against the second best Georgian player, 
GM Mikheil Mchedlishvili 
              (FIDE 2659 at the time - Shanghai, August, 2012)

          ■  Won bronze medal at the Hong Kong Spring Blitz Championship (June, 2015)

New Orleans, LA | United States

          ■  Founded Edgewater Chess Club (2008)

          ■  Fo
unded The University of New Orleans Chess Club (2009)

          ■  Tied for 2nd at South Houston Open U2000 Section (February, 2010)


          ■  Won Metairie Chess Club's Winter Invitational after beating two Louisiana State Champions in

              classical time control games (2010)


Varna, Bulgaria

          ■  Co-Founded Tiger Lilov's Chess School (2008-2013)

Won Albena Open U2000 Section (June, 2009)

I am one of the first to attain the Arena Grand Master title by the World Chess Federation. Check out my FIDE Profile by clicking here.

Read my ChessBase Publications

Learn more about my Coaching Experience by clicking here.

I am now offering online classes/courses to selected students who show great interest in improving at chess and have sufficient time for training and practice between classes. Due to my continuous commitment to develop scholastic chess in Shanghai, I can only take on 2 online students at a time. Private lessons rate: ¥400 RMB/hr. or $60 USD/hr. Nevertheless, I do recommend you to try the online lessons of one of the excellent GM/IM coaches I've been managing for the past several years. Here are the coaches currently working at my chess academy:

 GM Krasimir Rusev (Chess.com Coach Profile)
 GM Marian Petrov (Chess.com Coach Profile)
 IM Satea Husari (Chess.com Coach Profile)

If you need more information on any of them or want to see who would make the best coach for you or your child, feel free to contact me anytime.

 Alex Karaivanov, 
Expert Coach & Business Entrepreneur



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