Bro I made this acc in 2018 🤫🧏

i'm single again why always you're the only one loving

with love to @a-e-i-n and @zzzayaya why did you close
My best friends are always closing whyyyyy

~Toate diamantele, le cumpăr pentru tineeee
Le cumpăr ca meriți, toată dragostea s-o simți~

Please join my club we are trying to remake the club that pink sadly disabled

Friends: @mqhal best duo with me, we literally broke Fortnite ^^
       @zzzayaya bestie
       @a-e-i-n wbf forever she is the most og person after pink yk what im saying
       @cxcoa_karamelly dum girl, she doesn't know what English grammar is  
       @Irene why you so inactive 😭
       @DIMA-48 happiest person in the world
       @BubbleDaBunny bubble ^^

   Lucid dreams ~ Juice WRLD

          ◁◁ ▐ ▌ ▷▷


Thank you all for the 1.7k followers and 9k views ^^