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lenrevich sawalevsky (KVK GVN)
ELBI,, Philippines
Jun 5, 2008
Last Login
Jun 5, 2017
This game's addictive...but a reminder to fellow chessplayers NOT to be controlled by it. There should only ONE being whom we should allow to guide and control us...Jesus Christ..the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. simply like chess. Placed 7th of 12 players in the Island Life tourney....Placed last of 5 players in the 3rd chess.com tourney(1401-1600)..also in 4th chess.com(1601-1800) - 5 players ... and also in the 1st chess.com theme (ruy lopez) tourney.(1601-1800)....and so thus in 5th chess.com(1401-1600), of 5 players.....finally finished 3rd of 6 players in the 2nd Theme tourney(chess.com--Sicilian(1401-1600)......my first tourney (the Wizard Cup) out of 4 players in my group.............. currently running 5th of 6 players in the 6th chess.com tourney (1601-1800).....and currently running 4th of 6 players in the warmhouses QP opening tourney....currently third in my group in 3rd Chess.Com reversed Sicilian Theme tourney...currently 2nd in 7th chess.com tourney...Placedlast in the 4th Thematic. King's Indian tourney in my group (with no wins...amazing)... a miraculous result. topped group 113 of 8th chess,com tourney...advances to the next round...finished tied for 3rd and 4th in group 1 of the Warm houses QP tourney...
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