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Thomas yang

United States
Oct 8, 2017
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do not ask This is a picture of Technoblade

Jeff(born June 1, 1999[age 19]), better know online as Technoblade, is an American Minecraft YouTuber. Sub! He occasionally live streams and makes the majority of his videos on a server called Hypixel. Technoblade has over 546,000 subscribers and is still growing. He calls himself the pig king and says multiple times that he has ghostly feet. He has 2 sisters and a dog named Floof. He is known to use Floof for views. One day he was kidnapped by haters who were going to kill him, but then a helicopter appeared outside and Pope Francis burst into the room and started throwing holy water at the haters. Since there were so many cats, the Pope soon ran out of holy water and the cats cornered him. Then out of nowhere, her majesty the queen flew into the room and did a flying jump kick and took out 3 haters. From there Pope Frances and Queen Elizabeth || teamed up in an epic kung-fu montage to take out the rest of the haters. After the haters were defeated the Pope went to Technoblade and untied him. Technoblade asked the Pope why to which the pope told him there was a long lost prophecy about a man who would have ghostly Foot and his name would be Kevin. But Technoblade was confused because his name was Jeff, but then the Pope told him his new name is Kevin now and was blessed with Kevin’s ghostly feet. Pls don't spam on Technoblade's channel about him being a nerd and playing chess.

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