TGM Chess Quiz 3rd prize bronze medals.

TGM chess quiz trivia. I won the 3rd prize bronze medals.
Gold in the One World League Blitz Marathon
Here is the some trophy for our club.
Knights of hearts club won the arena tournament.

I like to play chess with everyone. Chess is my hobbies and watching movies. 

I have completed my engineering with mechanical. 

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I m active on this site. I have an other social media also.

I solve chess puzzle in and I read chess book and watching chess videos. 

@Minddestroyer19 I m waiting for you. Comeback. Challenge me. 

Kai Beyblade (amine).

kai is a very awesome and best Beyblade.

Brooklyn. This Beyblade is very strong. 

Two Beyblade is my favourite character in Beyblade (amine).