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Oro Valley, AZ, United States
May 9, 2007
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Jul 7, 2011
Supporting member since Jan 21, 2008

I am a graphic artist living in southern Arizona, and I am proud to be the creator of some of the graphics that are used on this great site. Aside from Chess, I like creating digital art (obviously :), drawing with colored pencils, traveling, learning new things, hiking, studying civilizations of the Ancient World (Greeks, Romans, Seleucids, it's all interesting stuff :), baseball (i'm a huge fan, and a statistics-freak, but I don't play, I'm not very good :), video games (i love everything from the old NES to the PS3), software development (I know many programming languages), and target shooting with my 9mm pistols (Glock 17/26)... and that's about all I can think of right now. My most commonly-played opening is the one that's called "Get a +2 advantage in the opening, then proceed to blow it in the middle game.". :) But somehow I am still drawn to the game..Chess is just so interesting to me because no matter how many games you play, you can always see something amazing that you've never seen before. I love learning about the history of Chess, and about great players of the past... some of my favorites would be Botvinnik, Emanuel Lasker and Morphy. Kasparov and Ivanchuk would be my favorite modern-day players.

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