I used to be somebody else here...or so rumor would have it: a former NM (OmarCayenne), with a peak USCF rating of 2290. Then I went bonkers and became two people: the one talking now (who's still pretty much the same old dirtbag), and that Clifton idiot, who's the nicest little Smurf in all of Stepford. Our shrink Dr Himmler is still trying to put Humpty back together again...but in the meantime please try to bear with me (or us). And now for a word from Clifton (he's the lettuce grower btw...and the reason he loves napping so much is because that's what all those meds do to you): "My hero is Bobby Fischer, the greatest chessplayer in the world ever!!! I also love reading and napping. I also love to be polite because I am very modern person. This is what another great sports hero Mr. Joe Montana said on the comedy program Saturday Night Live, 'I really like them a lot!!'"