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Andrew Reed
Graham, Washington, United States
Dec 24, 2010
Last Login
Mar 17, 2013
Chess is a lot like life. If you don't plan ahead, you get beaten. If you don't know the rules, you get beaten. If you don't take it seriously, you get beaten. If you don't look before you leap, you get beaten. If you don't try your hardest, you get beaten. If you don't take the time to study, you get beaten (even if it is memorizing openings - UGH!). If you just do the things you like to do, you get beaten. Well... you get the idea. Chess is really hard, and life can be too. But, just like life, chess can be lots of fun. My chess journey started a few years ago... I don't remember how long ago... it was a while back and I've got more important things to remember - like dates for the history test next week. But, I read a book on chess - Usborne's Beginner Book to Chess - and was hooked immediately. I'm still not very good... but that's why I'm on here! Well, actually, my grandpa's the reason I'm on here. He invited me on a few months ago, I said sure, and here I am on chess.com. I'm having lots of fun so far on this wonderful site... I especially love vote chess. Wow, some people on my vote chess teams are smart! I've learned a lot from them, especially Napawnleon and andrea_giulia. Thanks, guys! So, that's about me and my relationship with chess.
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