Nov 25, 2017
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Don't invite me to any clubs or teams (NSPCL, NSPBCL, or NSPBuCL)

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I adopted @HappySnake12345 in 30 sec! 12-0

Almost adopted @PawnPusher515 in 30 sec (8-0)

Almost adopted @NobleElevator in 30 sec (9-0)

Also adopted @GM_Chess_Player in 30 sec

Almost adopted @Darkness_Destroyer in 10 sec (Stepson) 9.5-0.5, he drew the last gamesad.png

I am trying to get 400 friends, please send me a friend request if you haven't already!

My game vs. Ahead_arrow9

Hello! My name is [Censored] and I am 10 years old! I love to play chess, and study different positions. I also enjoy solving puzzles, and playing puzzle rush! I am pretty good at bullet, and I have adopted quite a few people! 

Favorite quotes:

"Life is chess, chess is life" -Bobby Fischer 

"Depression is the key to ending depression" Oliver_Prescott

Click here for the weirdest game ever! He tried to Lefong me so many times (1 min)

Note: I am not playing daily chess for the time being, please don't send me any daily challanges