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Anjo Benzon
Taytay Rizal, Philippines
Dec 18, 2012
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Hi, Let the god had been praising to all the chess players everyday, I had been praying The prayer to the Guardian angel. My name is Anjo M. Benzon, I had graduated AB-Literature in Far Eastern University, I had been praying everyday to save the world from any trouble because I had suffered Ninny-hammer personality and a Nemesis type of personality since I had reached 5 years to 21 years old, I had been loving to play chess since I had been watching the Chess videos in Youtube and oftentimes researching the pile of Chess openings at Chess.com and I had been searching grandmaster games located at Chess.com database, my age had reached 21 at that moment, but I had been learning to play at the age of 5, I had done King's Indian before but transposing into Amar opening in first move, White or black pieces. Almost 30%,I had suffered from a series of lose at rated 1100-1300 players from that rushy system, in the previous events, I had a lot of opening weapons that I had been forcing a draw or a win against my opponent, I had calculated the chess moves situations always, I had been thinking maybe 60% draw, 39.5% win, and .5% lose. I had been loving chess because I had been appreciating the Well-carved chess pieces, I had been dreaming to join the Chess tournament; I had been exploring a lot of openings everyday, I had been studying a lot of openings because I had been trying the best to beat the opponent's openings or maybe I had been forcing to equalize the opponent's opening. :) I had been learning about my lost that I had been suffering, I had been collecting the draws, and about... winnings?, maybe I had got the lucky game since I had learned to play accurate in chess when my age had reached in 21 years old. :) My mind had been doing aggressively, as long as I had been seeing the Playable moves. Anjo Benzon had suffered from a Trash decisions in real life, but in real life also, God had been giving me a talent to play Chess, when I had reached 5 years old, as I said on the previous sentence, I had been starting to play accurate-chess moves and Impenetrable-chess moves when I had been reached 21 years old, but on that age I had started to play super trash passive openings, I had used them beat the opponents very convincingly, very creative and very patiently, I had been played Super-passive-trash-like-chess or a Grand price openings like Carr Defense and Clements opening, I had played also Trashy Semi Meadow Hay trap and Trashy Semi-Beginners trap, I had got the result of 50% winning and 50% losing; I had reaching the highest chess ratings in my life between 1240 to 1700. I (Anjo Benzon) had been loving to play chess when I was 5 years old; I was a man to win by lucky at the age of 5, I failed to recognized how I won and I failed to recognized how I lost, I did not like to accept the draw on that moment because I failed to learn about the principles of playing chess, so, I did the remedy, I had been studying the opening very well just like GM Anatoly Karpov, including the killer chess attack of Murphy and Mikhail Tal and the impenetrable defense of GM Tigran Petrosian, and I had been doing a risky moves and risky plans Like King's Gambit, Latvian Gambit, fairly Albin Counter gambit sometimes, if I will be reaching the Latvian Gambit Corkscrew variation, Vienna game-Stanley Dracula, King's gambit- Muzio variation, a killer Danish Gambit and a recent the Anti-Sicilian-Wing gambit, I will be playing it and I will be doing the best to play accurately and I will be facing any kind of situations in the board but most of the time I had been playing very Solid moves like Stone wall, Meran against the Queens gambit and Fairly a Caro Kann from white and Black, Now I had reached 24, I had started to play Online Chess, I had learned the lesson, "Do not be choosy in the opening, surprising the opponent instead to avoid scouting the plans" I had been starting to play Polish opening, Sodium attack, English opening,Ponziani,Sicilian Defense,Grob opening, Kadas opening, Andressen opening. I had been playing chess to gain a pile of knowledge, I had been playing different openings in every game to avoid from scouting. The Motto was: "No risk,No gain." I had been experiencing the good game results about the Assorted openings but I had suffered from failing to move accurate in different middle games, for me, I had been taking a risk either offense or defense, when I had played Chess on May-June 2014. I had been expecting that my chess games had been recognizing and playable and I had been hugging the aura of fortitude after I had experiencing a ton of pending Chess games. :)
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