Mar 23, 2016
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Hi wink.png I'm active player and a certified trainer with few years experience in coaching and amazing results of my students. I've worked with strong world-famous coaches myself, so I have learnt a lot of training techniques from them. Combined with my own experience, individual approach and your engagement we can improve your chess greatly (and have fun!) wink.png

I'm also commentator, organizer and promotor, because I want to share my passion for the game of chesswink.png

I can help best ambitious students, becuase I've always been serious about my career as well, participated in 30+ World and European Championships with a good success (+10 medals), but I teach (and love teaching! wink.png ) people of all levels, as more important then the results is passion for the game!

Available for individual or group trainings, pm or write me e-mail to:, if interested.


Part of the Riga Magicians team in the PRO Chess League.