Diamond Member Coach

Hi wink.png I'm an active player and a certified trainer with 6+ years experience in coaching and amazing results of my students. I've worked with strong world-famous coaches myself, so I have learnt a lot of training techniques from them. Combined with my own experience, individual approach and your engagement we can improve your chess greatly (and have fun!) wink.png

I'm also a commentator and an organizer, because I love to promote our awesome game of chesswink.png

I can help best ambitious students, because I've always been serious about my career as well, participated in 30+ World and European Championships with a good success (+10 medals), but I teach (and love teaching! wink.png ) people of all levels, as more important then the results is passion for the game!

Available for individual or group trainings, pm or write me an e-mail to:, if interested.