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to slav or semi-slav that's the question,

I am on a visitation pass to, Gambia
Feb 22, 2010
Last Login
Nov 1, 2013

I am in Gambia only because it makes me the highest rated player of that nation. That's the sole reason as to why I fly the Gambian flag. Therefore, or in other words, I was not born there, was not naturalized there. I do not know anything about Gambia. And even if I read any information, I still will not know anything about Gambia,


And just for clarification again, I am N.O.T. in Gambia,


Notes are for friends [yay], and messages are for anyone, and anyone that wants to drop me a message, and I WILL try-try-try to reply. F.Y.I.: Wall-E takes care of the PCO’s (Potentially Creepy Ones). But seriously - please,....no creepy messages, thank you, 


I love Haagen Dazs. And I am like so random, and tend to state things so randomly [Exhibit A: note the random Haagen Daz comment],


I have the attention span of a ________, and Live Chess is fun-fun, however, I have moooods, so I may not want to play Chess at all. As in nada, nein, nah, nee, neit, nej, ne, ni, and no, 


And I am not from Gambia, I know I stated that earlier. I love the section listed as “game of the day” from Chessgames.com, and those from CB magazine too. I do like to read, and study the game, but I never had the focus or passion to be faithfully interested in the game. Seeee, that's why I mentioned the attention span of a ________, do you get ditzy gazing at 2D chessboard, I do, daaang it! And, and ahhh, I repeat myself too randomly [Exhibit B],


Where was I? Errrrhmm, have read Pandolfini’s ABC’s of Chess twice. I can also hold my breath under water for a full minute [Exhibit C and D].


So, uhrmm did I fulfill the basic profile requirements?


And if I think of anymore, I'll add them, mmmkk,

Tongue Out

and here's a random video:

Cups by Anna K.



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