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Arnaud Roger de Campagnolle
Ivry-sur-Seine, France
Dec 26, 2008
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Who I am: an absurdity, a nuisance, a useless failure,  a weak, pathetic and pitiful baby.


What I like: generosity, gentleness, honesty, courage, self-awareness.


What I dislike: nothing is more disgusting than mediocrity (selfishness, rudeness, hypocrisy, lying, cowardice, uselessness, weakness, blindness, ignorance, stupidity). What I hate most is hypocrisy and lying. People telling you they're sorry although they're not, telling you they care although they don't, and even worse, telling you they don't care although they do... Bad people lying to themselves and thinking they're good although they're nothing. Good people thinking they're bad...


Why I play: this is a full information game, there is very little luck if any, the better player wins. It is very deep and can never truly be mastered, there is always room for improvement. It is also a beautiful game which requires calculation, evaluation, intuition, creativity and allows each player to have his own style (tactical like Tal, positional like Capablanca or a mix of both like Kasparov).


When I learned: one of my older brother teached me the game when I was around 10.


Favorite openings: generally the ones that lead to open or semi-open games. As White I play, open sicilian, scotch, classical french and caro-kann, austrian pirc. As Black I play, hyperaccelerated dragon, nimzo-indian, bogo-indian.


How I play: I'm more of an attacking player gladly using tactics but I'm lazy and often compromise my position making dubious sacrifices instead of calculating deep enough to play more soundly. Generally I think that unconsciously I want to give the most satisfaction to my opponent, meaning that I put great resistance, even I'm better or completely winning, and then I slowly let him get back and eventually win. I lose very often to theoretically weaker opponents and I constantly blow winning positions, this is my specialty. Anyway I'm still weak in every area of the game, in the opening, the middlegame, the endgame, strategically, positionally, tactically and, as I said, psychologically. I'm an insult to chess although all players below 2000 FIDE are complete noobs (if not retards), lacking the most basic notions, so I am too. I should never lose against them.


Here's a good example, a 15min live chess game where I'm quickly up two rooks then give back material and finally lose with a completely stupid blunder:


One of my better games:


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