I like sketching, reading (which is basically just staring at dead trees while hallucinating), swimming and baking.



Welcome to the official Randomies Chess Squad - International Chess Club!

We will have Vote Chess, Daily matches, Arenas, Team matches, and much more!

There may also be roleplay...

(This squad is currently very, very small; a reason why you should join)

All of this stuff will only be possible if YOU join!


We also are a proud supporter of cats and dogs:

Masters of chess, we gather here,

Eager minds, devoid of fear.

On this board, we make our vow,

Welcome to our club, say "MEOW"!


Winning strategies we all pursue,

Our love for chess is tried and true.

Online battles, both fierce and smooth,

Friends united, let's all say, "WOOF"!






Here are some wise words:
"I know magic can be stolen, because I stole some myself." - Artemis Fowl

"Trust me. I'm a genius." - also Artemis Fowl

"Tell me... What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?" - Arthur Weasley

"Pottah" - Draco Malfoy