Diamond Member

All you need to know: I play Correspondence Chess rules when it suits me & for variety (so I use DBs, books {if I had any}, Game Explorer {during the opening} and the Analysis Board anytime. I favour Quick Ending Chess (resigning when my position looks hopeless) and I'm chatty  (not adverse to an exchange of pleasantries during the game). Thus I am type: +rT.

My favourite style is: Can't see anything wrong with that move. Oops!



Preferred Style of Chess { Tick any that apply }

[X] Correspondence Chess (“Turn-Based”)

[ ] electronic Over-The-Board (“LiveChess”)

[X] physical OTB

[X] some other chess variant (Chess960)

[ ] don’t play chess

Correspondence Chess facilities (major) used during a game { Tick any that apply }

[ ] books

[X] opening databases

[X] Game Explorer

[ ] the web or other legitimate resource

[ ] none of the above

Correspondence Chess facilities (minor) used during a game { Tick any that apply }

[X]  Analysis Board

Cheating { Tick any that apply }

[ ] get help from 3rd party

[ ] use a Chess Engine

[ ] use End-Game Tables

Ease-of-Play / Multiple Game Management facilities { Tick any that apply }

[X] press SUBMIT to move (i.e. not Touch Move)

[ ] make notes during the game (either on paper or in the Notes tab)

[X] use the Moves tab to rewind the game

[X] use the Details tab to show captured pieces

[X] use the Details tab to flip the board

[X] display the algebraic co-ordinates on the board

[X] highlight the square of the last move made

[X] use Conditional Moves

Learning Attitude { Tick one }

( ) Determined to improve at chess

(X) Social player

( ) Serious player

Competitive Attitude { Tick any that apply }

[ ] Never resign!

[X] Resign when appropriate

[ ] Let ‘lost’ games time out

Speed of play { Tick one }

(X) Very Fast ( < 3 hours/move)

( ) Fast ( < 6 hours/move)

( ) Average ( < 12 hours/move)

( ) Slow ( > 12 hours/move)

Courtesy { Tick any that apply }

[X] Say “Hi!” (or equivalent) at start of game

[X] Say “gg” (or equivalent) at end of game

[X] Award trophies

Verbosity { Tick one }

(X) Chat freely during game

( ) Chat only if opponent starts chatting

( ) Disable chat

Participation in non-Chess Activities Tick any that apply }

[X] Post in the forums

[ ] Belong to group(s)