Nov 19, 2011
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8 hrs ago

My name is Arunas. Arūnas actually (with a letter “ū” in a middle – which in Lithuanian is pronounced longer than usual “u”). I work as a tourist guide mostly with foreign people who come to my country. I like learning languages and next to my own Lithuanian I also speak English, German and Russian.


And of course I like playing chess! I learned to play when I was about 8 years old. Then I was playing only with my friends and my uncle who taught me to play. I have never played in any serious tournaments. Later because of some circumstances I wasn’t playing chess for many years at all. And now after I found this wonderful website, I am coming back to chess.


Playing online games I try to find time to make my moves every day. But sometimes days are busy. So I am sorry if sometimes I can not make my moves soon. I come back to my games as soon as possible.


While playing I never use computer chess programs and don’t understand people who do. Firstly I find that very dishonorable. Secondly I really can’t see the meaning of it – chess is the game of enjoying your personal progress in thinking, perception and mind. So why to take it away from yourself?


I wish everyone to find here many friendly chess players and to enjoy many interesting chess matches!