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Ashley Bent
Oamaru., New Zealand
Apr 7, 2012
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Dec 6, 2016
I came to this website a couple of days ago, April, 2012. I'll be 78 next month. I love chess but hadn't had a game in years. Around 1974 my wife and I and another couple went on a cruise on the Russian liner, Fedor Chaliapan (excuse spelling). I beat all the passeners who joined in the chess tournament and then had to play the top Russian crew member, the chief engineer. I thought I would have no show. They plied me with vodka and so -- what the hell, I had as much as they gave (sillier me in those days). Also other Russians talked to my opponent -- giving advice no doubt. Anyway I won! It was the game of my life and I wish I had kept a record of it. Only a photo. The captain presented me with a bottle of champagne on the dance floor that night, with a book on Russian ships. I think Russian cruise ships are the best. No tipping and a thoroughly honest staff. My wife taught me to do cryptic crosswords, which we mostly solve every day. Also I often transcribe speech into Pitman's shorthand in my mind when people are talking. It is all good exercise for the brain.
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