Diamond Member

If you're still reading, I'm assuming you're looking for the shoutouts so here we go!

Just so you know, it says member names do not exist so look on my profile or search their name up.

Active or partially inactive friends:

@LITO13mtz- one of my best otf friends

@Zestythefifth- first otf friend

@MeaslyTurtle56- daily game spammer

@VvV_ChloeKatsu_VvV- tomatoes 4 life

@StraightAStudent2- cool person

@JuiceBoxForLife- cool juice box and quote

@RevenantTheCleansed- keeps otf alive

@ANWNinja- a very good ninja

@CBTVET- a vet

@Pinkpen13- just a pen

@deafeyes0- always joins my clubs

@Sobrukai2- apparently eats ice cream a lot

@Woollensck3- woolly

@ZachGod07- what can i say, it's just zach

@LordHunkyhair3- reads kotlc

@x6px- makes random forums

@mixfanHY- mix

@Star_Slash- alliance

@XvX_Diogo_Xvx- also alliance

@Demphiron- thinks he's otf pres (but he's not)

@illegalthingy- sometimes makes funny jokes

@themandolorian_123- mando

@silver_wolf007- a silver wolf, we all know it

@GabyNguyen- gets 5 friend requests a day

@N20verride- friends with a lot of people in this shoutouts

@MarMar365- a very good friend

@DA_PURPLE_GUY- active a lot

Banned or inactive friends:

@empg6- sadly closed his account

@KingC9RN- closed his account NOOOOOOOO

@soccerisfunVA- why is everyone leaving??!

If you are not on here, dm me and i'll add you (maybe)