Titled Player
Diamond Member Coach
  • Lived in St.Louis, US, for six years (2012-18).
  • Mentored by former Woman's World Chess Champion Susan Polgar in Webster University.
  • Winner of 11 international medals for India.
  • Have made a draw against US #1 and World Championship Challenger Fabiano Caruana.
  • Have worked with 6 age category national champions from 4 countries
  • 15+ academy students ranked in the top 100 in the US age category rankings
  • Coached the Brazil Open National Team in the 2022 Chess Olympiad in Chennai. The team started in 28th rank and finished 21st!
  • Coach of the Indian Sub-Junior team to the World Chess Olympiad in Turkey 2019. The team started in 19th rank and finished 7th!
  • Champion of international events like Chicago Open, New York International, Mid-America Open, St.Louis Autumn Invitational, Thanksgiving Open etc.
  • Founder of Chess Gaja academy(formerly known as Chess Gyaan), where students from 13+ countries are learning chess.
  • Author of the best selling "The Modernized Berlin Wall Defense" book.

If you are looking for chess lessons, you can look at my academy website to know more about my academy's coaching services for players of all levels(Absolute Beginner to IM) and ages(young kids to adults).

In my academy we have 15+ coaches teaching chess to 100+ students from 12+ countries!

I have also contributed articles to all the leading chess journals like Chessbase, American Chess Magazine, Informator, US Chess Online, etc.