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Johan Gous
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Feb 23, 2010
Last Login
Aug 16, 2013

You want to know about me.


I love to spend good quality time out at sea fishing or patching my old pickup truck.






















































The stuff in life which is associated with true happiness is what I enjoy most.


What about chess?


What about it?

I hate it - it irritates the crap out of me, but I am trying my very best in every game.


What are you doing here on this site?

I am blessed to have two children playing for our junior chess provincial team and they love it.  Like a good daddy support I them and here I am – playing my heart out so that I can teach them what they love to do.

My son has a very good coach and I am my daughter’s coach. So, please challenge me if you have something to show me.

They will compete in the Nationals championships in December – please show me every trick in the book!


You will find my game style very aggressive and unorthodox. I still cannot understand why one has to control the centre if you can launch a deadly attack from the flank. I had no formal training other than a few of the articles here on this website and analyzing lots of games.


The strongest attack is when you have the element of surprise on your side and play real hard. Stuff all the other rules!


Here is a lucky game I played here on this site:




Oh, and if you want to have fun with chess, join our group – The Galley. There we plunder and blunder like pirates!



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