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jakarta, Indonesia
Aug 4, 2011
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Apr 17, 2015
I do business anything. I do not like being told or ordered but rather work together. the basis of my life is religious philosophy of life is a life time. This day belongs to me tomorrow is not necessarily occur. Do not rush it will be much left. live simply because the excess will be boring. prepared with 5 cases before the arrival of five cases: 1. youth before old age. 2. the healthy before the illness. 3. time to spare before the rush. 4. able period before the poor rich. 5. life before death. Live at will you just make sure death is coming. Act as you please because the guilt will always chase you. love anyone you want but make sure the separation will come. Who died the end of the world has arrived. ========== EDVICE FOR MY SELF do not love people too much because once upon a time would turn around the situation. Do not hate too much because maybe one day he becomes your best friend. do not be stingy with your wealth, because people are stingy coward and has no friends except for those seeking advance. . do not be arrogant because it will be a lot of enemies. Do not forget the good parents because they have given their lives for us.
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