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marcus mclain
el paso, United States
Jul 2, 2011
Last Login
Nov 27, 2016

Hello chess freinds.  I guess we should start with a breif history.  Well I started playing chess at age five with my father.  I won my first game 10 years later at age 15.  I played a little in my early twenties when I was in the military and didn't play again until I got on chess.com.

I have a wonderful wife and two boys that mean the world to me.  I enjoy chess and salt water reef tanks.  I am building one now and hope to post some pics.  I had a 46 gallon for about 5 years but after the tank crashed took it apart several years ago.  I am building a 150 gallon tall reef tank now.  Its very expensive so it may take awhile but that will make it all the more worth while.  I also have become very interested in politics and love to talk about it.  It does't matter if we agree or disagree we can still be friends.

Well lets play some chess!

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