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I was 4.  
My father came to me, bent down, looked deep into my eyes, gave me a toy gun (my first one), and told me, “You’re a big boy now; take care of our family.”

I didn’t see him for two years. He left for the war. 
I was six when he returned. (I didn’t recognize him initially due to his beard)
He was surprised to see I knew how to play chess. My Grandma had taught me. 

Long story short, he took me to a chess school. I got badly beaten in my first game, got angry, and started to train… Long story even shorter, I became a Grandmaster at 19. Then crossed 2,600. Then got very close to breaking into the top 100 players in the world. 

But then…

I fell in love. Not with a person. I fell in love with chess coaching. 
I began assisting and instructing other passionate chess players. 

When I turned 25, I made it official — I retired from competitive chess and started to devote my energy and all the knowledge I’d gathered over the years, to my students, my champions, and future champions.  

Over the last 13 years, I’ve trained national teams, Grandmasters and helped dozens of students to achieve their dream titles. 

At 28, I got angry about what was happening in the online chess world, with all the crappy courses that were sold with nice marketing words. 

I returned from a dreamland - Thailand and started my chess company - ChessMood. 

In 6 years, we’ve created over 400 hours of courses
We covered all topics, from openings and middlegames to endgames. For beginners, intermediate, and advanced players.

We've written hundreds of articles covering various psychological and mindset topics, as well as sharing our experiences on what worked and what didn't on our paths to achieving the Grandmaster title.

As I write this, we have over 2,000 students who learn at ChessMood. 

Never heard about ChessMood? 
That’s on me… sad.png 

Once, I received a message from a ChessMood student
“Avetik, you owe me $10,000. I’ll sue you.” 

Luckily it was a humor, and I got it after reading the continuation. 

“This is how much I’ve spent last year on 1-1 coaching and course purchases. I didn't raise my rating a single point. Since joining ChessMood, I’ve raised 300 rating points and become a FIDE Master. You owe me ten grand.” 

Yeah… I suck at marketing. (and hate it at the same time)
That’s why you’ve never heard of ChessMood or me. My bad. 

(If you’re a passionate marketer who loves chess, please get in touch! happy.png 

But at least, I’m very glad you’re reading this now happy.png 

I hope you’ll enjoy the courses we've crafted with my team. My wish is that they help you elevate your game, boost your rating, and achieve your chess goals.

You can get started right away by becoming a ChessMood student here:

Or, you can begin by watching two of the courses that are currently unlocked.

1. Opening Principles (for players rated below 1,800)

In GM Avetik’s mind (I’m commenting on my best games)

Dear friend, thanks for reading so far, and I look forward to seeing you inside the courses. 

With best wishes and love, 
International Chess Grandmaster Avetik Grigoryan 

Or just Avo, as my friends call me.