It has been a really strange year for me hoping to make a miracle and get to a 1600 in blitz,rapid,and blitz under soo much stress chess makes me πŸ˜ƒ and once I get to a higher rating I am going to have tears of joy and cry-Aditya M.Also I am a very intelligent person -don’t ever call me dumb and stupid.-Aditya M.Plus my rating went down from 1157 to a 1000 in rapid kind of sad I will get to a good rating by the end of the year so that I can be a future good chess player my fav tactics are queen’s gambit Β and polish opening.feel free to check my bioβ€”Aditya M.I am going to fight back and get to a 1300 in rapid in blitz and rapid.-Aditya M.I am back at chess guys I love chess so much.Also I won’t let others make fun of me and prove them that I am not a person to be messed with.-Aditya M. I will do whatever it takes and be fearless when playing chess-Aditya M.