Dec 9, 2018
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Hello people of the internet! It is me! Ðεł℘нḯ¢! Nice to meet you! O]

Some of my friends know me as Nooby. @username_noob was my previous account.

Why did I close my account? Well! To get rid of some stuffs and to start a new fresh one.happy.png

You can call me Delphic . tongue.png

My favorite color is Yellow and Blue.

My favorite chess player is Bobby Fischer and Magnus Carlsen.

My IQ is 124.( Superior ) . This is the test. ( Note that this is only just for fun )

My EQ ( Emotional Intelligence ) score is 138.

AEDO easily deal with their emotions and personality. They might not always give themselves enough credit and underestimate themselves but can quickly find their confidence back. They trust their own judgments and do not let others influence themselves.

AEDO have outstanding people skills: they are usually excellent listeners and take active interest in others concerns. They easily spot change of behavior and have a great intuition about people's mood and intention. Because they get anyone's feeling so good, they recognize people's need extremely well and are the best at fulfilling their needs (particularly when it comes to meet customer's need). They are generally flexible and low-key. They can adapt to any kind of social organisation, understanding very quickly the hierarchy and the relationships between the members of any social group. This skill allow them to fit corporate organisation very easily, may they enjoy it or not.

AEDO can struggle at dealing with rushes of emotion but most of the time they keep the control over their impulses. They generally perceive events in a smart way and adapt themselves quite easily to new situations. They can take initiative but will rarely try to reach higher goals than the ones initially set up.

My favorite song? ( audio? )

Whats your EQ? Here is the test.

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My favorite.. Ok.. Enough of this ''My favorite''. I don't want to make you bored.Time is precious.clock.png

I am weird, crazy ( sometimes tongue.png ) and etc.. ( that I don't know ) but that doesn't keeps me from being myself! peshka.png

I  h o p e  y o u  u n d e r s t o o d  t h e 

s e n t e n c e.

I am very emotional so please don't make me angry or sadhappy.png

A meaningful message ( credits to @ShaoniHiya


Here are some quotes by me! articles.png

''Being yourself is the key to success and happiness.''

''It doesn't matter who you should be. It matters who you wish to be.''

''This is your life. Control it wisely. You might not get a second chance.''

My ChessKid Account is : BlueMusicalAtom

And that's all! I hope you liked it! nervous.png

I hope you enjoyed reading my profile! I appreciate it! Feel free to post anything below! happy.png

and also! Big thanks to my friend @GM_Magnus_Kingdom for gifting me this membership! happy.pngtrophies.png


Mostly offline due to studies.......cry.pngcry.pngcry.png