Hate to be cringy but let’s cut right to the chase. I like popcorn, ice cream, soda, salad, pizza, and chicken. My fav music is from Taylor Swift. My fav sports team is The fighting Irish. I love to watch stranger things and the Simpsons. Thank you to all my followers and friends or being kind and making me feel welcome (I also love people in my club, Anybodys Club, would love it if you joined and had fun).Yes i do live in the USA and I do not feel like sharing where. My blog is kinda trashy read it if you  want. Some of my least favorite things are people not accepting anybody for who they are, being in middle school, knowing that i am a lucky person and that there are people out there who are less fortunate than me and that I cannot help them. I also go to chess tournaments so maybe i will see you there one day.

Some of the friends that I have on chess.com are 

Vladpotter-one of my best friends 

Jevichilt- really cool guy also one of my best friends

Merkats- One of my friends 

ava-ava - a really cool gal 

Fnaf198711 - a good friend 

Shankar_g_rathod - one of my friends over chess.com