If you believed in Santa Claus for like 8 years, you can believe in yourself for like 2 hours. 

For those kiddos who are still under 10 years old, be good or Santa won't give you anything in your stocking or under your tree. 

If you wanna talk, feel free to message me. If I don't respond, I'm probably doing homework or studying and just forgot about in another tab-


Also please try not to message me in messages, I'd much rather have conversations through a private chat via the "Connect" tab on the left side of your screen. Notes are fine, but private chats are better. Thanks!!
I also don't respond to people who just greet me. Give me something to talk about-! I usually just close those chats until you give me a topic.
I'm also a guy, but if you don't wanna believe that you can call me Angela instead lmao. 

~Clubs You Should Join~

AZA-kun's Fanclub

The Brawl Stars Fan Club

League of Champions

I see a lot of other people do things like this so I guess I'll do it too...

~People I enjoy chatting with in Private Chat~

(not in any particular order)

@yuxuanyang - Been there as soon as this account was made <3

@Harperdaclown - Have lots of fun talking to youuu

          "Death is a terrible thing for anyone, young or old, good or evil, it's all the same" - Sunako Kirishiki

@Meower - My bughouse partner!!! Lots of fun playing with you grin.png

@xMoonlight-Sunlightx - Minor amounts of "spam" but it's all fun and games bahaha

@ProudExpert - You're welcome for the pfp and bg ideas-

@silversnake12 - You've been chatting with me for quite a while too, haven't you?

@AwesomeGirl222 - Joined your best friend club!!!

@hansamuel - My school-time bughouse partner

          "You are monkey. Oooh oooh ah ah." - @hansamuel

@Gaku398973 - Nice quotes <3 thank youu

          "Once you've met someone, you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memories to return." - @Gaku398973

@jason543 - Super serious about chess, but despite that, you still have time to chat with meeee

@stresszes - somehow just popped up in my private chat, but I enjoy talking to you!

@camdaman601 - my precious student (you'll get better one day!!)

@DemonCoronzon - I love Menhera-chan too!!!! Nanase Kurumi for the winnnnn

@HermioneGranger8910 - Lol u just started chatting recently, can't wait to talk more

@dylan192 - Hey there!! Hope you feel better soon

@Alexander_Albon23 - Where did you even come from? Anyways great to have u

@ploopypop - I hope she comes back too..

@weizou - BRUH i told u idc so just put anything-

          "Failure is de mother of success." - @weizou


@Mega_Knight21 - Someone join his friend club lmaooo I'm the only one in it ;-;

@Happy_Queen - Come back soon, sis

@20070505 - Why is that your username

@landontu - Is that the best you can do for ur username?

@t-beyblade - wassupppppp reply back to meeee

@Kitty_Angel - Please come baaack I miss youuu

@xKitty_Angelx - Thanks for keeping me in touch with @Kitty_Angel! WELCOME BACK OMG I MISSED YOU SO MUCH @Kitty_Angel!!!! 

@Just1n326 - Brawl Stars for the win whooooooooo

@goldenwriter - LEAVE ME ALONE ALEFJSLE no srsly get out of my notes lmao-

@ducklife6 - hi duckie!!

@Fishybannadeafalt - Corpsehusband simp lolllll

@rohithbala - My status makes perfect sense hmph-


@ChessSensasian - I really don't know why you haven't demoted me in your club yet I'm so inactive-

@2021meetsDev - I'll get you watching anime soon... just you wait...

          "When you do something that you love, put your whole heart in it." - @2021meetsDev


@IforgotHarshil1912m - I'll send you a friend request in BS soon just give me a sec-

@Blumoon04 - Sorry I had to break the news to you like that lmao

          "Anything but horny." - @Blumoon04

@kyleetomkus - Underage drinking is ILLEGAL. ILLEGAL!! Okay????

@Reese012 - It'll get better one day, I promise

@MelodicUmbrella - Thanks for partnering with mah club!!!!

@son_of_the_bongcloud - Do I have to murder everyone myself? See @Bored_2_Death above

@winer220 - Sorry we haven't been able to chat that much- I'm trying to finish my homework


@helloanaya4 - Don't worry about rushing it, take your time!

@MeowCat1000 - We didn't even get to chat and you've been banned-

@Pb_46 - OMG another poor person I didn't get to chat with cuz homework sorryyyy


@CocaColaLogo - I don't even drink Coca Cola LMAO BAHAHA

@PursuitOfHappyness2 - Woah an IM, u got dis dude!!! GO FOR IT

@iforgotmyusename - Well, I remember it, why didn't u ask me lmao


@TheRealTechnoblade - probably not the real technoblade lmfao-

@AdelPickle1 - ANotHER STUDent EYAEFEF

@yao-c - Dang you got to admin really fast-

@Boba2008 - Highschool is harsh...

@Naf06 - My spanish is NOT great LMAO


@littlekilluazoldyck - NUUUUU

@Dakotado - DACO TACO omg I luv u notice me-

          "smh" - @Dakotado

@Henry_003 - Imagine going to private chat to advertise a club bahaha


@TheDude865 - For communication later, he said, never replies back-


@Starwarrior345 - Where did you go-?

@StarArP - and another one bites the dust-

@bdchess617 - I'm sorry I destroyed you so BADLY in that Colt 1v1 LMAO

@Star_Night - No... you closed your account so early...

@Shegotthebestofme - I swear everyone is closing their accounts and I don't even know why-

@duntcare - #TimeToCatfish

          "hi mom im frying pan" - @duntcare

@Christina173 - Never chatted with you in a private chat, but everyone else in the groupchat was inactive haha-

@fort60 - That was such a dry start we had to use a conversation starter LMAO

@GawrGuraVTube - Welcome to the list, I guess haha

          "A" - @GawrGuraVTube

@1c3e51-0 - Bob's Old Town lmao-

          "Be careful who you be ***** to." - @1c3e51-0

@Shottadylan3 - It's not ur fault omg, you're fine..

@DarkElectrix - Welcome to the club!!

@Yiyik55 - Brawl Stars phew- let's get it babyyy

          "It is better to be quiet and seem silly than to open your mouth and clear doubts." -@Yiyik55

@jonathanbonilla10 - Yup, still busy. My apologies hehe~


@Dios_back_booiiissss - Tiem Stohp

@Underwater_Mermaid - College resumés' aren't as bad as they sound heh-

@jah2007 - My past self, apparently~

@B1ZMARK - I'm not a simp... I'm not a simp... I'm not-

@KharrenXKogosupu - Go kill that submarine, baby!!

@HuntressesofArtemis - I can't believe you play Brawl Stars now-

          "I have a simp-worthy pfp and background." - @HuntressesOfArtemis

@c4kg - I'm sorry I responded so late lmao

@adamb773 - Yes, that's right! IRL Friends of mine are automatically promoted to Coordinator in my fanclub!

@Sandwich_Man - Ahhh noooooo calling me cute makes meh blushhh ;-;

@xXAnime_loverXx - I swear I've seen you somewhere. Guess I haven't-

@joelnieves - SAO FTW WOOOOOOO

@Chesisthebest21 - Advertisements can lead to some of the most interesting conversations <3

@l_l_RISK_l_l - Popped out of nowhere, and DID NOT interrupt my work heh

          "Reading this doesn't seem like the best use of your time." -Unknown

@Anime-Horror - I used to have that PFP!!! Was a long time ago..

@andovonju_002 - "Somewhere" is a difficult word...?

@TheGarchompian - Pokémon MEMES

@hitmanbang - Yo, no way! I'm bored too! How cool is that??

@Chesisthebest21 - I seriously still can't tell what your username is meant to say. Seriously-

@thiccboiaden - Why is my sister's age significant


@AndresitoVLR2008 - I apologize for not being fluent in Spanish o - O


@B1ZMARK - Ohayou, Senpai! Suki desu~

@WackBirdy - HELLO

@EspinozaJesus2007 - Where'd your profile picture goooo noooooo ;w;

@Sushi_UwU - Gotta hit them with the "I'm busy" amr lol

@ethanz1606 - Hey~

@Septs22 - BEST. ANIME. EVER.

@KUUDER3 - Deredere's are annoying >w0

@HuntressesofArtemis - No way, someone famous is on my bio. O - o

@NathanHan3669 - Thought you were someone else for a moment-

@leapingfireman520 - Sorry!! I'm doing the best I can..

@ShuhengZ - Chess games = Battles

@ItsRainbow - Hey there!! B1Z fanclub is such a perfect place to be...


@brat112104 - Noooo COME BACK ;-;

@Tomiki_Nature_Witch - Frogs

@Sagipro - Imagine speaking Spanish well o - O

@Kachigaru - NO WAY. A real life adult. Respect.

@Ber-ti689 - You'll get promoted one day. Promise.

@Sayan02x - I'M SO SORRY I'M INACTIVE o - O

@tablcrawler - Table crawler...?

@tcotn - Yes, I know Kitty_Angel is gone... WAAAHHHH

@minato22342 - Naruto is nostalgia. #Childhood

@Maiden_of_the_Lilies - You're kinda precious. 

@cream_pxffs - PROTECT THE CHILD

@BRUHkid15 - Hatsune Miku Vocaloid FTW!!!

     "If Music is Life, the Hatsune Miku makes it better!" @BRUHkid15">-@BRUHkid15

@MaskedNuisance - You should come back to the BSFC. I'll put in a good word for you...

@GustavvDaBest - Remember, it's Gustavv with 2 v's.

@LoverGirl2005 - Yo. Give me a topic. -_-

@JD_Wuffa - You changed ur username, but I'm too lazy to find out who you were before

@MeanFreePath2 - Historical events in roleplay? Never heard of it, but might be interesting

@wise_but_cunning - I literally don't remember who you are. But hi, sorry I haven't chatted

@bashinb - Nonono I'm good. I don't need an email. Heh...

@SanchaydhankharBackup - Guessing it's a backup account, right?

@zenOwO2291 - OwO ftw. UwU TwT >w< 7w7 `w` ^w^

@RainingPawns28 - Arty's got a lotta simps. Love meeting them.

@milese1038 - CATS > DOGS. 

@smufs - Don't beg someone who doesn't have a membership for a membership lmfao

@Thatwasverycringeman - S A N D W I C H

@Phsyco_Lexi - "hru?" "tired"

@enesruler1232 - why did you start off with "meow" o - O

@Datwolf6 - GIVE. ME. A. TOPIC. 

@Someone-08 - I'm just now realizing how little of you actually read my bio. TOPIC.

@Sasukie - Maid girls OP

@lonelygirlforever - You'll find that special person someday, I promise

@Cobalt_36351 - Cobalt is a chemical element with the symbol Co and atomic number 27. Like nickel, cobalt is found in the Earth's crust only in a chemically combined form, save for small deposits found in alloys of natural meteoric iron. The free element, produced by reductive smelting, is a hard, lustrous, silver-gray metal.

@Immortal-Man10 - Sword Art Online is basically just a harem now and it makes me sad

@N30N100 - Boku no Darling~~!!

@joseph7505 - Way to ask the obvious. Look at my profile.

@Alice-kun - I hope you find tons of friends! I just wanted to help you get started.

@shawngranado373 - *doesn't respond after saying something* ;-;

@Zappyyyy - What's your BS usernammme waahhhh

@SamPokemon - Used to be super obsessed with Pokémon. Kinda over it now and it's sad...

@serverbusy - @serverbusyc's main account

@serverbusyc - @serverbusy's alt account

@Wandering_Mary - Come visit Earth some time!!

@TechnicalFunds - Sorry I haven't been able to chat lately o - O

@Spellbrand - Cute pfp

@FutureISROscientist - Good luck with that dream job!! You can do it!

@giornogiovannaaaaah - A s t o l f o

@PeakPolarBear - Wait is Polar Bear Peak a mountain or something?

@Carolina_Panthers59 - Don't watch any sports, but go Panthers...?

@shadow1414 - Why is your conversation starter asking for my thoughts about government

@DonutCheckmate - Actual chess? Is that what people use for? Didn't know that

@Rose_Queenloveraysha940 - I don't know if your whole username will fit in the format

@Shuang_Chen - No game, no life, baby

@ShadowClaw18 - Why'd you clooooose ;-;

@Phantom_Beast23 - Face reveal confirmed?

@KingLJL10 - Let's gooooo!! You can use discord now wooo

@Baka_girl1 - You press the "Delete" button to delete things lol. That's what it does.

@Imalosegoeasyman12345 - I've been seeing you everywhere. Welcome to my bio.

@QueenOfLovers8008 - Zoom call? From o - O

@QuangMinh6c - Literally thought ur pfp was Bakugou.

@DJdudebro - Penguins are indeed awesome <3

@kirito092607 - Kirito from SAO lmao. I did a cosplay of that. cringe...

@Satsune - Hallo hallo

@IsaacPadilla112 - I'm gonna wake you up muahahahaha

@Datwolf6 - Cursed Mario ewwww

@TinyLittleArcticFox - You were sooo desperate to join my bio, it was kinda cute. Welcome!!

@aLOGYCAL - Cats > Dogs, sorry. Just my opinion. Respect it <3

@NotBradley - Added you to my bio, but that doesn't mean u can just stop chatting hmph

@TwilightPrince2020 - Never heard of a game or something called "Noobs"

@QueenOfDarkness28 - Chicken nuggies?

@Rimjhim69 - READ MY BIO OMG.

@Syguy5 - Same thing i said to /\ /\

@Kctmoney06 - and again, same thing /\ /\

@RedCuteBallet - Sorry for taking so long to respond to you o - O

@asadrow - meow meow meow meow meow meow

@seyedmaroufbarzanjeh - I'm not having trouble saying your username- you are o - O

@UkrainianDude - Roleplay with me now <3

@rychessmaster1 - Imagine having a chess title ;p

@TheShadowKitten - Gahhhh get off mah keyboard o - O

@GoldDragon2 - Hope you can get back to playing Brawl Stars soon!!

@Ink_Ninja - pretty broken yea...

@Jonathanyip90 - Hallo

@FMLarry - Love love love~~~ <3

@xx_haden_xx - My bio is long asfuq yea

@Blazer_Galaxy - Oreki x Chitanda Hyouka Ship WOoooo

@Jimmy_Dash2 - My English isn't THAT good-!

@Kaosu23 - I can't get you into a private club in my own power...

@Matthew_Seymour - Really? An Advertisement? Well, you DID come to me with a subject...

@leonquinplayz - and now a top 1000 rapid ranking player is in my bio o - O

@AlefMiguelRochaLima - My age is on my profile jeez man-

@MaulanaHisma - Heya bro!! (not my brother but hi)

@ak47no - I wish I checked the private chat sooner sad...

@demongirls - Yea, my bio is pretty long...

@Friend16 - Always open to more friends to chat with!!! (well, when I'm not busy with work...)

@sadman520nothing is true in this world

@S56Y - Of course! As always...

@MysticmeOuO - Hallo hallo hallo sorry for the late response o - O

@Cats_2011 - Cats OP. Dogs < Cats. Cats > Dogs. EZ decision.

@Benedict610 - Welcome to the bio ;p. I hope you enjoy your stayyy

@laserpro1234 - That's a looot of messages. At least you brought a topic to chat with though

@itsRainbowTheMagnificent - Welcome home H3NT@¡ boi <3

@Earthbagel17 - Y'know, the concept that the earth is in the shape of a bagel is interesting..

@DARK_ALPHA_52 - No matter what u do, u can't convince me that dogs are better than cats

@lanelena - You can send a friend request to me too, right-

@kooala22 - Koalas aren't bears ;w;

@BlackLawliet - Just for you: Menhera Shoujo Kurumi-chan

@AlmostGMLOL - Seven Deadly Sins got too boring for me to finish RIP

@josephyossi - U should probably send club complaints in my messages..

@BabyFaceNiyah - Who advertises in private chats?

@Anatomy99 - Why u no bring topic ;w;

@rockstarthefamous123 - I have no idea who u are

@GeorgeZFX - I love Rainimator, it's been a while since I've checked his animations though

@gameorboyreal - Game pls

@jamhan738 - Nou blitz ;w;

@ninjaswat - Good luck on ur finalllllsss~~~~

@Gaming_Pig_YT_chykai - BOUM

@thehenrylol - Fire dragon poke

@shanlee132 - Sorry man, santa's not real ;w;

@spring_trap_fan - Another advertisement in the private chat

@AASIF140 - I did see ur messages, just not ur private chats lmaoo

@xxalexplays2 - woooo another cat person

@Loyal_JT_fan_and_RARer - Can't say I remember your old account...

@ArceusHooopa - Welcome to the fanclubbbb

     "AZA is the world's youngest (and sometimes horny) doctor." -@ArceusHooopa

@GhostToast09 - Ghosty Toasty

@chessdude970 - You've been in my messages for so long for so many notifs wow..

@ClemsonChessBoyJP - I'm gonna call you Clemson anyways UwU

@hxrshaa - Ohayou minasan~!

@gonzaga777 - Takeover!

     "Takeover!" - @gonzaga777

@Leon_Likes_Chess - I would marry you if you were a girl ;^;

@Itachi_Uchiha_9 - Imagine advertising lol

@MrIndia - Yea... My bio is pretty long lol

@noImAparrot - Immortality is a curse, rip

@AshAcog - The swimsuit Rem profile picture was alright, just not my style

@PeterJeawk - Ya'll need to bring topics to talk about

@new_member34 - Nightcore from Sleepy and Syrex is stuff I listen to

@priyash99 - Wassup, bring a topic

@Glerrea - School is a busy place

@meowmeomeo - Hey Meow, how's the b1z hub treating ya?

@niver-gona-give-u-up - Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down~!

@GM_NhatPro - I'm American, like my profile says

@EamonB1 - Finally added you, the mascot of B1Z Hub

     "I don't fight for what I think is right, I fight for nothing, because I'm not active in politics."

@humming_bird45 - You closed before I had the chance to talk

@PurpleGM12 - Kon'nichiwa~!

@pauloricardosouza - The buff boi

@Free-de-la-h0ya - Asking me the big questions right off the bat, sheesh

@GrandMasterSlayer-John - I suck at 3 check lmao

@antonychaitanya - Give me a topic brooo

@Crakity - It's hard being famous, I know *sparkles*

@hvenki - Welcome to the bio, famous hvonk of the b1z hub

@Amber169 - Lmao sorry for not responding, ur gone now tho rip

@SlumChessHustler - Lol, that's sweet

@xX_knightmare_Xx - Nawp, don't know where he ran off to

@I_simp_dood - Simp for me lol

@Cute_Boy_Husky - Awww I like huskies~!

@KingCobra280 - No, I'm not putting that next to ur name, this is what I get to say

     "KingCobra is da best." - @KingCobra280

@BABYOZZY74 - Yo yo yo, I friended you a looong time ago haha

@NicBurgo - I actually suck at socializing with people I don't know lol

@Immaculate_Slayer - Bro bring a topic lmao

@Xx_Bad_Karma_Xx - I friended you for no reason other than I think you're a cool person lol

@suntian - Smol IRL friend lol

@whisper2016 - Fellow Pokémon fan, hi hi hi

@Kodnak_the_potable - #FemboyPowers woooo

@chessPlatypus01 - Welcome to the bio, platypuss

     "I should now have acquired 'chat with AZA to be on bio'." - @chessPlatypus01

@I_The_Noobiest_Pro - I dunno, can I?

@Stock_Fish109 - If only stockfish was actually only 1300 ;^;

@DinDin211 - Self-proclaimed boring person makes it to popular egirl's bio.

@Kamio_Fuji - Hey, Japanese profile picture holder

@Moonwarrior_1 - Mysterious username, welcome to the bio, B1z hub member

@YagoYama - No challenges pls, I don't play chess like daht anymore lol

@CostDeath - Discord Friendooooo~! Love you cost ;^;

@Beautiful_Wolf - Welcome back, too lazy to change stuff I'll just add you again ;p

@BRUHkid16 - Course I remember you! I'm Andy lmao

@demozebra - Big ara ara energy

@thekid1011 - Thanks for the bio compliment lmao, and now you're on it

@xxalexplays2isme - Hey alex, welcome back

@Nishnkde123 - I mean, if you REALLY want me to join, you could invite me

@Lilly_twist - I'm definitely MALE, lmao

@Chessberry2016 - It took me a while, but I finally decided to respond to everyone

@2NightPlay - Supreme anime

@OfficialNR - UwU Daddy...?

@QwertyNobody - I don't know any openings lmao, just calculate

@TheGMUltraplayerClub - When you advertise your club with your username o -O

@Roronoa_zoro231 - I'll never finish One Piece if I never get into it

@non_toi - Sorry I didn't respond- I guess it's too late to help

@Xhive24 - #TeamHero

@Lud6969 - Well your request has been accepted

     "Bruh." - @Lud6969

@denniskhlee - I'm pretty patient sometimes..

@Yiyik5 - Welcome back Yiyik lol

@Mrs_GeniusS - A genius? I've never met a real life genius before

@NAM02012 - Fairy Tail WOOOOOOO

@ShouldBeABreeze - Interesting question, I haven't had a starburst in so long...

@Theoneandonlyloser1 - What a condescending username o-O

@Chessssssss4334 - Practices her violin 72 hours a day-

    "If you act confident, no one will know you made a huge mistake." - Eddy Chen

@Fortitudinous - Good luck pushing that blitz baby!

     "I trusted you... but now — your words mean nothing — because your actions spoke the truth. 💔" - @Fortitudinous 

@luvia_uwu - So glad you came back! I hope you're here to stay this time.  

@foxyfurryboi2222 - Cosplays are hard to decide on, thanks for the suggestions ;p

@kerry300 - Thanks! I like your bio, too. Hehe

@Ursoultaker - Kyaaaaa! Don't take my soul *sniffs in aza*

@FluffyTheKitten - Fluffy cats are so cuuuuute!!!

@Indian_girl_2021 - U don't gotta ask so formally to be my friend, haha

@thunderstorm74 - I'm really not that good at chess ;p

@Chris_987 - Poyo poyo poyo!!!

@Cayde-6chess - The sky is up, my dude.

@Inposter9999 - The "Inposter" is sus. 

@TRAP4MOUSE - I'm not a mouse, so don't trap me >w<

@Cayde_6chess - Oh, you were the one 3 names above this one! Welcome back lol

@ShootPostachioMan - I love pistachios, I like licking their shells

@Black-devil-8056 - Lotsa devils been friending me recently...

@ClumsyMinute - Minutes can be clumsy? Personification, I guess

@RosesUwu - The fact that roses adapted to have thorns still blows my mind. 

@DaybreakFrontLineofOne - How's everything going for you?

@moxaks - I mean, I'm late, but I guess I could try and help when u need it later ;p

@PoggingPoggers - Poggy poggers poggidy pogs

@TheBlack_Reaper - Reapers~! Ooh, spooky!!

@Fuchuina - Welcome back!! It's been a while, hehe

     "Not bad. You always match me ironically, friend. Much hugs ❤️." - @Fuchuina

Last Bio Update: December 12th, 2021

PS: If anyone on my bio wants me to put a quote under their name, just dm me the quote ;p Yes, it can be your own quote.

Fanclub Update!!

We do raids now. If anyone is wondering what I mean by a raid in our club, basically, occasionally I post forums about a club, forum, or news post I want to raid. I send the link the forum, and all of my fanclub members willing to participate will type #AZA-kunRAID. We've so far done only one raid on a club, and got the owner to do a face reveal (who set the face reveal at a certain number of members joined).

I am currently very busy with school work and studying for exams, so I won't be replying much to anyone in private messages, just coming online to clear notifications.