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Chess Grandmaster ( since 1988 ) played the top board for the team of Croatia in Olympiads Moscow 1994 and Yerevan 1996, had the best elo of 2600 ( January 1997 ). From time to time I write in chess magazines ( New in Chess Yearbook the last 134 number Survey on Benoni ). In the past was coaching GMs Luke McShane, David Howell ( England ), Miguel Llanes. Played in various League ( Croatia, 4NCL, Spain, France, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia ). My best results was 2nd place in the Championship of Yugoslavia in Budva 1986. the winner of XVII Ciudad de Sevilla 1988 open, 1-3th place in Berlin Sommer Open in 1988 ( together with grandmasters Balashov Yuri and Vaisser Anatoly ), 2nd place ( silver medal ) with the team of Yugoslavia in European Team Championship Haifa 1989 ( 3rd board ), 1-2nd place at Benasque Open 1994, winner of Port Erin ( Isle of Man ) open in 1994, 1-3rd place in Hastings Premier tournament 1994/1995 ( together with grandmasters Khalifman Alexander and Conquest Stuart ), 3rd place in the Closed Championship of Croatia in Slavonski Brod 1995, the winner of Frankfurt West Chess Classic Rapidplay iin 1995, 1-2nd place in Kilkenny 1999 ( together with grandmaster Hodgson Jonathan ahead of grandmasters Adams Michael and Timman Jan ), shared 2nd place in the British Championship Scarborough 2001, played 2nd board for the team of England in European Team Championship in Plovdiv 2003, shared 3rd place in the British Championship in Liverpool 2008, shared 2nd place in the Open Championship of Paris in 2008, shared 2nd place in Metz open in 2012, 1-2nd place in Pardubice Rapidplay in 2012 ( together with grandmaster Buhmann Rainer, winner of Cesenatico open in 2013.