There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who can extrapolate from an incomplete set of data.

if you like jokes here's a joke annotating a chess game but it's all wrong


Chess literature recommendations (otb rating used. If no otb rating, use your highest blitz or rapid peak and subtract 200. All books are owned by me.):

Beginner (<1300)

- Logical chess (Irving Chernev)

- Understanding the Chess Openings (Sam Collins, out of print, free pdf online)

Intermediate (1300-1800)

- any opening book by Everyman chess 

- How to become a candidate master (Alex Dunne) 

- Test, Evaluate and Improve your chess (Kopec) 

- Silmans endgame book (Jerry Silman)

- The woodpecker method (Axel Smith)

- Amateur to IM (Jonathan Hawkins)

- The art of attack in chess (Vladimir Vukovic)

Advanced (1800-2000)

- Chess Structures, A grandmaster guide (Mauricio Flores Rios)

- Pump up your rating (Axel Smith)

- Winning Moves (Times magazine) 

- Attack with Mikhail Tal (Tal, damsky)

Expert and higher (2000+)

- Chess structures, a grandmaster guide (Mauricio Flores Rios) (yes I know I wrote it again) 

- Any of the grandmaster repertoire series

For fun:

- Bobby Fischer and his world

- The best I saw in chess (Stuart Rachels)

- True combat chess (Timothy Taylor)

Chess Resume (I guess)

- I've never won anything because I don't ever play good enough to win anything. I only play just good enough to gain rating every tournament.

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