Mar 15, 2014
Last Online
19 hrs ago

Nothing to see... (much) 


 I play a leetle chess with noice people, I'm slightly colour-blind (blues and yellows), I enjoy friendly bantz, you want anything more jog on...

All I really want to do is occasionally write something, read books that take my breath away, drink coffee, play chess & time travel.  Too much to ask for?

Rules of engagement: 

I'm not married (been there) - so no wedding proposals (unless the right Panda comes along).  I will not help you come to the UK, because I don't need to... as we already pretty much let anyone in.

Tip: Don't go anywhere you're not wanted.

No engines either, I prefer to walk and run... but I mostly prefer horse-riding 


If you're rude to me, I will keep my distance.  If you're rude in my threads, I will block you.  If I don't trust you, I will keep my distance and/or block you. 

In Loving Memory of DarnCatz, a back model (from the back she was stunning) ... who was hounded off this site about 18 months ago by a few bellends. 

She didn't even have big boobs, just healthy ones, and big feet... bless her!  But she WAS real.

I also know what happens in the next series of Game of Thrones... muwahahah!