(this pic is from @ricechessmaster1 bio)

*disclaimer this bio was from a younger cringy age of myself dont judge*

long live king hunterzzzzzzz

the new club:


coming soon(never cos im very inactive and im not talking to people much)

my current best friend:

@alpha_wolf2 my lovely brother/friend is a great person aka anonymouse aka N O I M A H E R E one day I will find a sliver of info about ur real life

my cc family dm me or leave me a note if ya want to be in the big confusing family

@lud6969 my dad happy.png

@varnikaU my mum(not related to lud)

@somerandompersonnn auntie annieeee!!!!

@kartikikhopkar my twin lol who wants to be the triplet

@adam_peaty lobs everyone including me *blushes*. adamusus is my great grandma

@i_killed_cupids is my grandma??? bruh

@saimandolontwitch is my sony lol he was a bad grandpa

@thebesta9player my sonny boihappy.png

@bid my uncle but apparently is like my dad(related to lud)

@springwonder my little sis

@newvietnamguy2012 another son lol

@eRoS_jaSpHiNe another bro lmao

@bishoplover77 another uncle

@demondragon31 another dad pog i now have 3 dads