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Jul 4, 2009
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...learned to play in the Fischer era, but have never reached an era that I've played like Fischer...  (after all, I do have a life beyond the chess board...)


Naturals are well-rounded players who seek a healthy initiative, remain in control of their emotions and follow their intuition rather than constantly looking for exceptions to the rules of chess. A Natural seeks healthy openings and healthy positions. They don't usually win by trickery, but once they obtain an advantage they are all but unstoppable. Naturals place a high value on remaining calm and rarely get into time pressure or uncontrollable situations. (my result from the article "What is Your Chess Personality?")


"...tactics are beautiful and exciting and positional chess is weird and boring. That is, if you don't understand positional chess..."


"...that's why good players almost always take all their time in slow games, even though they are good at tactics, and consistently make safe moves." (speaking about examing all possibilities, from the article "the good, the bad, and the ugly)


"If you love controlling the board and playing in a positional manner, tactics will almost always appear in one form of another."

"...the ultimate purpose of positional chess is to make sure that your pieces are well-placed and ready to participate in the fight..."


''When you engage in a risky winning attempt only to find that it has given your opponent chances, it becomes easy to panic and lose control of the game entirely..." (from the article 'Don't Lose Trying to Hard to Win')

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