Jan 5, 2016
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Hello, everyone! I am Misha Baloga, 24-old сhessplayer from Ukraine, former Ukrainian Youth Champion. My current FIDE rating is 2210. I work as chesstrainer in my hometown for 2 years. What can I offer you? 1) First of all I have no secrets from my students. 2) I am learning style of each student and make a personalized training program with him. 3) I know many different opening and respect Individuality of my students, that`s why I`m NOT forcing all students to study only the King`s Indian Defence. 4) I think that the main difference between strong and weak players are positional skills and only then calculation. "Tactical game without positional understanding fails gradually but positional game without tactics is defeated once!" 5) I propose to analyze your chess game in order to detect your weaknesses and make it away. 6) Building your opening repertoire based on your personal style. It will be good if you send me all your chess games, including rapid,during last year in pgn-file to my e-mail . So I could analyze them and create your own training program. Languages: English-basic Ukrainian-native Russian-colloquial Prices: Online lesson via Skype = $ 10 per hour; Training game= $ 5 per hour; Full analysis of your game= $ 5. Payment method: