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Manila, Philippines
Feb 6, 2008
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Aug 18, 2011
Love's chess the same way most of us here on does. Love's to read books and beat the chip out of chess master programs.I love annotating games i played in tournaments, and even casual games. When I'm not busy working I play the piano, guitar.And when I want to excercise I usually practice Muay-thai. I play chess on the wee hours of the day, mostly at dawn when i'm rendering videos or simply recording mixed audios. My favourite players are Tal and Fischer but I play openings such as caro-kann, sicilian and could mixed it up with e4 and d4. My favourite opponents are CM 3000 and GM Chess these programs served as my trainers in winning 1 college chess tournament and 2 placing positions. I find the ELO ratings systems weird for me because in a recent tournament though unrated i won 4 games against 1920, 1750, 1990,1850 and lost to 1720, 2010, 1825
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