Jul 14, 2009
Last Online
Oct 6, 2013

I'm a Scandinavian, born in Denmark and living in Sweden. As a child I lived with my grandmother in Copenhagen,Denmark and later on with my parents in and around Stockholm, Sweden. Currently residing in Västerås, Sweden with my wife and son.

I have always had an interest in chess but did not join a club until I was 22. At best I rated around 2100 LASK - the Swedish ranking system - which is ekvivalent to about the same value in Elo, BCF 170, USCF 2200. Work, family and other interests have taken most of my time the last ten years but I have recently taken up chess more seriously again. Other interests are: Golf: currently hcp 16 and going down. Recently made par for the first time ever, so ...  Reading: The Magicians by Lev Grossman  Music: An active listener. My family are very musical, playing different instruments and singing. Listening to: Rebekka Karijord,

Challenges are ok if non rated and 1day/move.

Any real chessplayer loves live chess. I have never been good at quick games. At best I'm decent.

Current: 2032
Highest: 2032 (17 Oct 2010)
Avg. Opp.: 1500
Best Win: 1926 (Computer3-HARD)
Games: 3,137 (2,168/879/90)