Jan 15, 2014
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Hello everybody!

I'm GM Tamás Bánusz from Hungary. My current rating is 2617 (peek rating is 2641).

I'm available for chess lessons and I've been coaching beginners and also advanced players for 7-8 years. My specialty and my passion is working on openings and middle games which are improving your positional and prohpylactic skills. My other specialty is recognizing somebody's weaknesses quite fast and building up a personal developing plan. During my lessons I take all the details seriously and professionally.

I'm also available for beeing challenged here for long and also for blitz games.  In return for some fees I can provide you deep analysis of the games.

If You are interested and want to improve your chess in these fields do not hesitate to contact me! You can leave a message here or E-Mail me at for more information.

You can also watch me playing blitz games here a few times a week! happy.png

Good luck everyone!