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FM bank2010

Thanadon Kulpruethanon

Bangkok, Thailand
Jan 6, 2012
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4 hrs ago
Supporting member since Jan 6, 2012

Hello everybody! I'm Thanadon, a FIDE Master in Thailand happy.png. I'm a three time Thailand Champion (2012, 2017,2018) and three-time Olympiad Player representing Thailand (2012, 2014, 2016).


I have 4 years experience of private online coaching. I'm looking for a serious player who really wants to improve at chess. I have a lot of quality training materials which will help boost your chess to the next level. I speak English and Thai fluently so the lesson can be in either language.


Teaching Method and Approach:

I mainly focus on eliminating the student's weakness by analyzing their games. This is simple yet very effective method for improving. I also like give them advice and simple rules to remember such as "when your opponent has a bishop pair, try to exchange one of them", or "when you sacrificed material, don't be afraid to sacrifice more!" and many more.

My training can be in different topics too, for example, openings, strategy, endings, calculation, tournament preparation, etc. The main focus of those topics will be 'understanding' how a master think, and how they can apply in their game. For instance, the openings, I am not going give them tons of analysis, but I try to simplify ideas as simple as possible.

I'm always prepared. I put a lot of effort into my training. I like teaching and I make sure my students make progress happy.png

Other Experience:
I had worked with many great coaches in different times, GM Gerhard Schebler(2535), GM Vladimir Lazarev (2522), and GM Avetik Grigoryan (2622). They all have different training style but I learned a lot from them. I went from 1900 to almost 2300 during those years. It was such a nice experience.

The price for my lesson is 20$ an hour. PayPal is available for payment.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me!

my skype: bank40696



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