Sep 21, 2016
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Hi everyone! My name used to be hapfork 

on I am 9 years old from Massachusetts. I love to read, play video games and swim. My favorite thing to do is to swim and obviously chess. I have been through MANY difficult situations, so feel free to friend me or follow or write me a message. I will try to do ANYTHING I can to help all of you. My favorite song is old town road, my favorite author is J.K.Rowling, my favorite movie is The Secret Life of Pets 2. I hope you all enjoy my profile! Thanks for reading. BUT that is not it. 7 things I know about you 1. You are on the internet.  2. You are a human. 4. You didn't know that I missed number 3. 5. You just checked to see. 6 Now your smiling on yourself. 7. You didn't know that I missed the dot on number 6. And  the way plz join machess2019 and players who LOVE chess