This is YFP, A.K.A. Be cool.

Some guys ask me: what a funny username bro how did you get this username.

The truth is, it's my mantra. And also i have a little song on it! Listen:

Be cool, and not a fool it's my mantra isn't it cool

If you don't say you're fool otherwise you're really cool!

Actually, despite being a funny name (in your opinion) I'm often bullied during games. I don't wanna show their usernames as to protect privacy and that's why I also once decided to change my username. But that's all your support which led to stop me from changing my name, guys, thank you for y'all support!

I'm a 3 year old member here and i have lots of experience and i bet my life that mine account story is one of the OGiest (Original Gangster) stories ever.

First of all, as a friend, i try to help almost every friend here, and it feels me good when i help someone. So please try to say me whenever you need help.

So my birthday is at 18th July, but idk whether you will remember or not, but saying it is important.

Last updated 3/1/23

This bio is under construction *lol*