I have some trouble with the openings, so I use at the beginning the statistical database. I can avoid blunders then:) In the middle game I am quite ok, I like to exchange pieces with a pawn reward :) at the endgame... kmm I need to study :) I know a lot of miniature, but endgame is a other game, you can lose from a winning situation, if you are blundered. Experiance about live chess:) Bullet is to fast, correspondent is to slow... :S 1) Do not play if you are tired. 2) Do not play blitz if you do not know well the openings as a reflex because you will be time-outed. Yes, if you do not know the all answer well, and you opponent can suprize you, then you are lost. :( You do not have time to think, play from gut. 3) You must have a good internet connection. This is the best... Reconnection in a crucial moment. 4) I think I will play only with the computer. He is sometimes stupid, but not a rude jerk as a lot of stupid member on this site. I begin to think live chess is a race... A running race is not my style... :S Rather sit above the board 1 hour and try to find the optimal output. I like to play online chess, althrough I have less time to play for myself, becuse I have to manage my group also. If you like to play gambits, the you are warmly welcome there: Interest: biotechnology, nanotechnology, business, start-ups